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Are you ready for a great “once in a lifetime” group online improv experience? Watch my Improv Fun and Games Zoom Class BELOW:

Are you new to Improv? This is a Fun Team Building Improv Activity Online. Ready to try something new? Then this is the right course for you!

Great for Beginners who want to experience Improv Fun and Games!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR IMPROV FUN AND GAMES ONLINE SESSION TODAY! Have you ever wanted to perform improv but never had the opportunity? Now’s your chance!

Get ready to laugh, smile, play games, loosen up and have some fun with Scott’s one-hour private group interactive unique activity improv comedy online experience session.

It’s a stress-free safe space group distance learning activity that’s lots of FUN!

I hope you book your experience to participate in my fun improv activity, and I’m super excited to connect and meet you! I look forward to getting to know you and your guests personally, and hopefully stay in touch over social media.

I’ll share with you insider access into the world of improv comedy preparation, games, and performance, while making you feel welcomed and cared for during my one-hour Zoom interactive group improv experience. This is truly a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else as I am extremely passionate about sharing this improv experience with you and your group.

As a “world-class” professionally trained improv writer, artist, and three-time Emmy nominated TV Show Host, I will share with you a my expertise and deep knowledge as to what it takes to perform improv on stage.

My goal is to have you become fully immersed in the art of improv as we explore together what it means to discover your individual improv capabilities.

I’ll show you and your guests what everyday life is like for me as an improviser. Together we will create and make up engaging stories that will surprise and delight you, with the hopes of you forgetting your “normal” life to embrace the life of an improviser.

My experience is designed to start off slow and build up to a moment of crescendo and impact as you create your very own improvised character along with voice, face, physicality, movement, and strong emotional life.


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