Online Improv Comedy Fun and Games Entertaining Corporate Team Building Experience

Feeling stressed out and need a good laugh?  Are you bored, frustrated, and tired of quarantine in your house with no human interaction? This online improv comedy experience is the answer to your problems.  Learn the art of virtual improv comedy.  It’s time to tap into your creative mind.

Scott will guide you on this amazing and non-judgmental interactive improv experience.

This is the most fun hour you will have today…guaranteed!  Challenge yourself. Push your limits.  Allow yourself to try something new.  Expand your abilities and free your mind to think on your feet and be in the moment.

If you like the TV Improv Show “Whose Line is it Anyway,” then you will LOVE this interactive and Live improv comedy online workshop.  This is a terrific distance learning tool.

Ready for some Improv FUN and GAMES?  Want to create cool characters and act silly?  Are you ready to go on an exciting virtual improv comedy learning adventure? Let’s have some FUN!  Sign up today!


Virtual Improv Comedy Team Building Experience. Your company will have FUN and PLAY GAMES from the comfort of their homes. Live Interactive 90 minute Improv Comedy Video Session Led by Expert Improv Host Scott Topper. Smile, Laugh, and Learn Something New. Book Today!

Corporate Improv Training and Online Improv Workshops

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