Online Improv Comedy Team-building Activities & Virtual Public Speaking Training Zoom sessions

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Tired of being in meetings all day?  Want to mix it up and have some fun?  Great for sales teams, customer service representatives, and marketing professionals who want to feel confident presenting during Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, PowerPoint presentations, sales summits, and Screen Sharing online sessions.

According to Psychology Today, fear of public speaking remains a top concern among new business executives. 

Improve your presentation skill performance by engaging people and becoming more confident. You will learn to communicate more effectively and have a great time in the process. Scott's interactive workshop classes help employees to enhance their ability to communicate and engage.


The ultimate goal is for participants to be able to have a more commanding presence over an audience to lead a great meeting, or deliver a perfect pitch, or give the best presentation. 

Presentation Success Coach Scott Topper also offers one-on-one sessions and corporate group training for advanced presenters.

Learn how to become a dynamic public speaker and communicator.  Scott's public speaking workshop, "High-Impact Public Speaking Skills Class" focuses on how to creatively prepare and confidently deliver public speeches.

Topics Include:

• Breathing techniques & visualizations
• Becoming passionate about your presentation
• Boosting your confidence for persuasive speaking
• Knowing the purpose & objective of your speech
• Common speaking challenges
• Preparing & practicing your speech


Online Improv Fun & Games for Beginners Team-Building Activity

Learn How to Listen, Think Fast on your Feet,

and Remain in the Moment with Confidence




















Feeling stressed out and need a good laugh?  Are you bored, frustrated, and tired of quarantine in your house with no human interaction? This online experience is the answer to your problems.  Learn the art of improv comedy.  It’s time to tap into your creative mind.


Scott will guide you on this amazing and non-judgmental interactive improv experience.


This is the most fun hour you will have today…guaranteed!  Challenge yourself. Push your limits.  Allow yourself to try something new.  Expand your abilities and free your mind to think on your feet and be in the moment.


If you like the TV Improv Show “Who’s Line is it Anyway,” then you will LOVE this online workshop.  This is a terrific distance learning tool.


Ready for some Improv FUN and GAMES?  Want to create cool characters and act silly?  Are you ready to go on an exciting learning adventure? Let’s have some FUN!  Sign up today!



Student Reviews:

★★★★★ "Amazing for first time learners!" - Bishwamohan Pratap Samal

★★★★★ "The course stresses the basic building blocks of a successful speech such as exercising, visualizing your speech, and being prepared."  - Mahmoud

★★★★★ "This public speaking course is an amazing value-the tips, exercises, and ways to increase your confidence. I took a speech class decades ago since I realized how necessary the skill is to advance in my career (I do recruitment seminars across the country) and as I took this amazing course, I found it covered the same areas but with less cost and more focus. Especially as we are in a time when "time is money", a course like this is invaluable. I especially appreciated the Audio-Visual checklist, since I can't tell you how many events I've been to where the audience sat bored while the speaker tried to fix his/her presentation audio or visual issues. This being included tells me how thoroughly public speaking expert Scott Topper covered the various elements of public speaking. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get ahead in the workplace." - Angela Roentgen